Timber flooring has a beautiful appearance. Moreover, this flooring is simple to install, and has natural wood grain patterns that enhance the overall depth and character of the interior design. Additionally, there are many different possibilities for timber floor styles. Therefore, you may research the qualities of each kind of timber flooring to choose which is most appropriate for your house.

The flooring market currently offers a wide and excellent variety of timber flooring options. Some are better for rentals than others, while some feel like genuine hardwood timber flooring. Knowing which flooring would best meet your objectives in terms of cost, aesthetics, and wear resistance may be challenging, given the variety of alternatives available. Let’s dive into the timber floor styles and see what they bring to the table.

Engineered Timber Floors

engineered timber flooring

Engineered flooring often consists of plywood with a layer of genuine wood veneer on top. The thickness of the veneer layer ranges from around 1 to 6 millimetres. Engineered wood panels may float on a foam underlay or attach to a flooring using glue. You may place the latter over already-installed floorings, such as tiles.

The majority of engineered wood is pre-finished. Therefore, any timber floor installer can install them faster than solid wood flooring. These floors have the same appearance and feel as hardwood but are more reasonably priced. However, they can only be lightly sanded and refinished.

Laminate Timber Floors

laminate timber flooring

A picture image of timber is placed on top of many layers of pressed wood to create laminate flooring. Afterwards, a coating of transparent, durable melamine plastic is applied to this combination.

Laminate flooring may provide a surface that is very wear-resistant and sturdy. The most recent designs have a particular feel to imitate genuine wood. Any installer can easily set up laminate flooring as a floating floor on a foam underlay. Moreover, this flooring option is simple to install and doesn’t need to be coated or sanded.

Bamboo Timber Floors

bamboo timber floors

Bamboo timber flooring options are very durable, portable, and sturdy. It is also a resource for flooring that is ecologically friendly. As a consequence, it improves the quality and warmth of any house. A sturdy hardwood, bamboo is resilient in both wet and dry environments.

Additionally, it does not move because of its negligible expansion and contraction. Bamboo flooring options are available in a variety of brilliant designs and shades. Furthermore, installation is quicker since it is pre-finished. Bamboo may be ideal on joists, concrete, plywood, plasterboard, and even existing wood floors. Moreover, it is quite hypoallergenic.

Parquet Timber Floors

parquet timber floors

Small, solid wood pieces are used to create parquetry, which is used as flooring. In this variant of timber floor supply, a piece’s breadth is a multiple of its length. This enables the creation of a wide variety of designs. A typical size for traditional block parquetry is approximately 260 x 65 millimetres, where the length is four times the breadth. Larger compositions are available in smaller sections. Smaller “finger” parquetry often comes on a base sheet for quicker installation.

Both real hardwood and engineered wood may be used to create decorative parquet flooring. It incorporates tiny wood strips used to make geometric flooring designs like a basket weave, herringbone, and others that subtly accentuate the decor’s beauty.

Parquet flooring is a fantastic choice, given its well-balanced brightness. It gives homes an appealing and cozy appearance. You can add a distinctive and attractive timber look to your home with quality parquet flooring. Also, wealthy and aristocratic households have always preferred parquet flooring for centuries.

Loose Lay Timber Floors

loose lay timber floors

The planked equivalent of sheet vinyl is vinyl planks. Different finishes come in wide varieties. Manufacturers may use them to increase the durability of vinyl plank. The application of satin urethane coating is among the most often utilized finishes. This variation shields the floor from scuffs and grime. Due to its durability, elegant feel, and current patterns, luxury vinyl timber flooring is a popular option among homes today.

Among the many flooring alternatives on the market, vinyl flooring has grown to become a popular choice. This timber flooring comes with several benefits over other varieties. These perks include longevity, ease of maintenance, scratch resistance, water resistance, and ease of installation. Vinyl flooring currently comes in a wide range of styles and is ideal for residential and commercial settings.

After deciding on a timber floor, you’ll have to choose between different timber flooring options, such as engineered, laminate or parquet, among many other intriguing options. The ideal selection for your project will rely on many factors, including your budget, the relative humidity and temperature variations in your space, and the natural colour of wood you choose.

Your preferences and tastes will significantly influence the choice you pick. However, making the appropriate decision is crucial. Keeping this in mind, you shouldn’t be afraid to approach your local timber floor installation company for guidance if you have any doubts at all.

Whether you are after timber installation or floorboard restoration, our experts at CB Timber Floors will be able to advise the best solution for your specific needs.