There is a lot to love about timber flooring. It’s versatile, attractive, long-lasting, and easy to clean. You have many options to make your timber floors suit your style. These range from leaving the planks natural and unfinished to add a distressed look that fits with your antique or French provincial decorating style.

An unfinished timber floor exposes the natural beauty of the timber planks. It comes sanded for a smooth, even finish. Foregoing the finish prevents the addition of colour, and it lets any imperfections in the wood show through. Unfinished flooring lets you create a bespoke floor in any room. However, you will need to add a protective finish that prevents the wood from damage and stains.

1. Matte Timber Flooring

Matte lacquer offers you an alternative to leaving floors unfinished without interfering with the natural look of the wood. The flat appearance lets the beauty of the wood shine through without the added gloss that other finishes give. While almost invisible, it does offer the protection you want for your new floor. It also makes it easier to maintain the floor so that it lasts longer.

While semi-gloss and gloss finishes used to be highly popular, matte floors have gotten very popular among homeowners. A high-gloss finish makes floors very shiny and reflects a lot of light. This type of finish reflects the details of the wood and creates a look of elegance. However, they also show footsteps, smudges, dust, and scratches. Therefore, they require a lot of cleaning and maintenance. A glossy finish isn’t the best choice for high-traffic areas or in homes with children and pets.

2. Satin Lacquer

A satin lacquer finish falls somewhere in the middle of matte and high gloss. Satin reflects more light than matte but with a more natural look than the shiny look of glossy floors. They give some homeowners the bright look that they like while preserving more of the natural look of the wood. They create an even sheen that reflects enough light for a fresh, outdoorsy feel.

Satin lacquer is especially useful in rooms without a lot of natural light. It also increases the durability of your timber floors and makes them easier to clean. If you love the look of a glossy floor but want something easier to maintain, satin lacquer is a good choice. If you aren’t sure which finish choice is right for you, check out the images of finished floors in our gallery. It’s important to consider timber installation, how you want your floor to look and how much time you want to devote to maintaining it.

3. Oiled Flooring

Oiled flooring is a classic choice for a timber floor finish in homes and in commercial buildings. It lets the beauty of the wood show through while offering optimal protection. Some types of floor planks come fully prefinished with natural oils and ready to install. They do require occasional maintenance, but keeping them clean will help keep your oiled flooring looking beautiful and strong for a long time.

4. Brushed Flooring

A rotary steel wire brush produces a brushed finish to the surface of the wood. Rolling the brush over the wood removes the softer grains on the surface, resulting in the desired textured finish to the wood surface. The depth of the texture varies depending on whether light or heavy brushing is applied. The heavier the brushing, the deeper the texture and the more apparent the grain.

One reason people like a brushed finish is that it creates a bespoke floor that has a more traditional look. Others like that the floor’s textures help hide scratches and other signs of normal wear. Depending on the specific treatment used, it can even create a better grip, so the floor is less slippery.

5. Distressed Flooring

A distressed timber flooring finish gives new timber the look of aged, antique, or reclaimed wood. Sometimes manufacturers use a special machine to achieve the distressed look. Other times, they rely on more manual means such as wire brushing, aging, or hand scraping. Once the wood has the desired texture, they apply a stain that adds to the appearance of the uneven finish. The process results in wood planks with character and charm that is appropriate for any space where you want a bespoke floor.

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