Timber Flooring Installation

Your Dream Timber Floors Installed by Experts

At CB Timber Floors, we pride ourselves on delivering the best timber floor installation when it comes to design and style.  We focus on attention to detail when installing floors for our customers.

There are a lot of variations to consider when installing timber flooring. You want it done right to avoid all the headaches and extra costs in the future. These types of flooring require professional knowledge, tools, and care. That way, you can have peace of mind as they install your flooring perfectly.

When it comes to timber flooring, our timber floor installers Melbourne have everything you need. We have the people and the experience, guaranteeing reliability as one of the top flooring contractors in Victoria. Contact us today and schedule your service.

installing timber flooring
timber flooring installation

Our Timber Floor Installation Services That Impress

Our timber flooring services come with many wooden options to choose from. These may include types such as Engineered Floorboards, Timber, Laminated, Floating, Bamboo and Hybrid Timber Floors. Colour options may include Pine, European Oak, Spotted Gum, Chestnut or Walnut.

When it comes to having your floors installed by our professional timber floor installer, you will be guided every step of the way throughout the transformation of your floors.

Our full service offering will include:

  • Onsite visit and consultation
  • Colour and wood selection
  • Installation of your timber floors
  • Maintenance and care guide

Premium Wooden Floor Installer Services

Businesses, homeowners and companies can rely on us to provide knowledgeable advice and premium services for timber flooring. We specialise in timber flooring installation, timber polishing, sanding and colour matching. Complete timber floor restoration for large and small spaces, plus outdoor decking restoration and maintenance.

Experienced Timber Installers in Melbourne

As specialised timber installers, CB Timber Floors install and repair all timber floorboards for residential and commercial properties. All of the work we do is using the best hardwood flooring supplies combined with quality workmanship. Get in touch with us about your flooring space as we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Hardwood Supplies & Wooden Flooring

Whether you want to transform your floors at your residential place or office, CB Timber Floors is Melbourne’s leading hardwood and wooden flooring specialist. All of our projects range from installation of your timber floors to repairs and maintenance. See our gallery to view our completed projects!

Why Choose CB Timber Floors?


Being in the industry we receive highly discounted timber floor products which allow us to deliver competitive prices to our customers.


We make things easy for our customers to order their timber floors. Simply call, text or email us your requirements.


We provide a range of timbers including Matai, Rimu, Jarrah, Spotted Gum. French Oak, American White Oak, Red Am Oak, Vic Ash, Tasmain Oak, Kwila. Red Beech. Tawa, Walnut and Saligna.


For all advice and solutions for the best flooring supplies contact our team today, we're happy to assist you.


We organise the delivery of all timber floors to your property so that there's no inconvenience organising another logistics company.


We strive to deliver our customers with the highest and unmatched standards when it comes to supplying our timber floors.

Talk To Melbourne Timber Flooring Experts

When it comes to solid flooring like timber, its placement comes with extra steps. For example, you need to make sure you have the proper grade for consistency. It comes in several grade options that offer different features. A light version works best for a cleaner effect, while heavier ones give an aged look best for classic themes.

When installing timber floors it also has several considerations. Timber looks stunning once installed, but you need to glue and nail them to the floor. Without proper installation of timbers, the material could start wearing down quickly or loosening. Along with that, it’s much more challenging to make fixes on timber flooring because of its durability and weight.

When it comes to timber, you need all the help you can get. We also have all the knowledge needed to help you decide on timber flooring, its patterns, installation, and more. Get in touch with our Melbourne timber flooring installation specialists today.

Our Process

When you begin working with us, you’ll start by selecting the type of timber you want for flooring. You can choose from different brands. You also have options with colour and style. If you ever need assistance, one of our experts can help you decide. They can even visit your space to make an assessment.

When we handle timber floors installation, we understand that consistency is crucial. We make sure to match every board, including the edges and finish. You do not want to feel like you’ve gotten cheap services or products. It’s all about the quality of the work and the care put into it.

From there, you can wait until we complete the installation. We’ll give you a timetable depending on how large the project is. From there, you can begin enjoying your flooring for decades to come. Call us today, and we can start the process right away.

Why Choosing CB Timber Floors Is Right For You

When it comes to timber flooring, we guarantee that you’ll get the best. Following the timber floors installation, it will take around a day or so before you can walk on the flooring. Afterwards, you’ll be able to move heavier items to the floor when the glue and nails have settled.

If you need a team you can trust, CB Timber Floors will be here for you. Schedule work today and start your journey towards a home with beautiful timber flooring.