Cracks in the tile, absent grout, or scattered sand that “jumps” when you tap on it are all telltale signals that your tile flooring may have problems. If the tiles have significant cracks or are visibly loose, you must remove them immediately since they will only lead to more issues.

This is when timber flooring can save the day and offer a cost-effective alternative to costly flooring options. Moreover, if you want to revamp your interior design, you can go with timber floors and get an excellent match for your interior design, whether you want something vintage or chic. So, can you lay timber flooring over tiles? The answer is yes. You can easily place timber flooring over tiles and enjoy a long-lasting solution.

Why Should You Cover Your Tiles with Timber Flooring?

You may choose to cover your tiles with wooden floors for various reasons. The subfloor, often a concrete slab, is frequently securely connected with tiles. Therefore, removing the tiles without harming the subfloor may be challenging.

Moreover, you must fix this subfloor before installing any new flooring. This is a pain and may also be highly costly and destroy your flooring budget. Therefore, you can lay timber floors over tiles without any costly modifications.

Tiles are durable, long-lasting, and appealing. They also stand the test of time without showing signs of wear and tear. However, the tiled flooring may sometimes detract from the appearance of renovations or even make them seem entirely out of place if you are remodeling your house.

This is because interior fashion may quickly become outdated. If this is the situation for you, timber flooring installation on top is a far more cost-effective and appealing solution.

How Can You Choose the Ideal Timber Flooring for Your Home?

choose timber flooring types

Your property will look great with the right timber floors, providing visual appeal. So, how can you choose an ideal timber flooring type for your interior design?

Make A Colour Wheel Palette Selection

Start by examining the exterior colour scheme of your property. Dominant, secondary, and accent colours most likely make up your home’s current or future colour scheme.

Consider following the principles of the colour wheel when selecting the right timber flooring options for your home by selecting a dominating tone as the primary colour and two other colours for supporting roles. Choose a hue that echoes or compliments the outside of the rest of your house using an analogous or complimentary colour scheme.

Get Ideas from Your Landscape

The environment may influence your choice of deck colour. For instance, a vivid garden with plenty of contrast can influence your choice of a softer, more neutral deck colour scheme.

If there are mountains close by, you may choose a colour that reflects this tone. You may carry the colour from your internal wood flooring to your deck if it is physically connected to your house. Additionally, you can ask a professional timber floor installer to help you with the proper selection.

Can You Lay Timber Floor Over Tiles?

The height of the whole floor will increase organically if hardwood flooring is added on top of an already-existing tile floor. You will need to take care of any potential tripping risks as a consequence.

The space’s floor-to-ceiling height may also need to be lowered. However, if you don’t want to remove the existing floor but still want a fashionable wood appearance, installing timber floors over tiles is a good solution.

You will also want a top-notch underlay for a pleasant, long-lasting effect. Before you begin installing your new flooring, you must also check to see whether the ceiling height still conforms with the regulations of your local building inspector.

You can talk to a professional flooring expert before rushing out to get timber supply for your new flooring to ensure everything is right from the beginning. This way, you can avoid costly issues before revamping your home.

How Can You Tell If Your Tile Flooring Is Even?

laying timber flooring

Priming and a thorough flood coat are necessary for uneven tiles, such as quarry tiles, slate, or poorly done flooring. If you’re not a proficient handyman, you could require a professional for this work.

A straight edge or spirit level is ideal in inspecting an almost flawless tile floor. Only some things are visible to the unaided eye. However, you will quickly notice it if your floor needs to be correctly leveled.

Keep in mind that all of your efforts will be well-spent. Your new floor will be more durable and of excellent quality if the subfloor is prepared correctly.

Enjoy Professional Timber Floor Installation

If you want professional hardwood flooring installation, you can find a nearby company that can offer affordable solutions. Getting professional flooring installation can offer an even installation and the right stain choices without issues. So, you can revamp your home without making costly mistakes. You can get a brilliant design if you use timber flooring for your next remodeling project.